Wow. I’ve almost made it to 24. I didn’t even know what 24 could look like, never really thought about where I’d be. Well let me tell you where I am, and where I hope to go. Below is me and my amazing girlfriend. We just hit the 5 month mark, and although things get […]

Cheers to new relationships.   *** Hence why I’m smiling this big.  I want to shout from the rooftops about this new romance.  This amazing woman that has completely turned my world upside down, that has taught me a new meaning of appreciation and love and everything that relationships are supposed to be about.  Her […]

Before I forget, I’ve had a slow and startling revelation over the last few days that makes me realize why I’m so controlling in my tumultuous  on again, off again relationship with my girlfriend of four years.  There was an ex, who by all means, my gf wanted nothing to do with. However, the ex continued […]

From Joyce Meyer Ministries Facebook page: “Don’t give up on the people you love. Your patient love and faithfulness may be exactly what they need to make a complete turnaround.” I’m not a religious person. I believe I’m spiritual, I was baptized, raised, and confirmed Catholic so I somewhat identify as such, but I tend […] I searched “it’s my birthday!” on google, and I’m a big fan of xojane, and thought that this list was a good place to start. I woke up promising myself that next birthday would be even better than this, before the day even begun. Why? Because I’m a bit self-pitying. But that’s okay! I […] Portlandia is my new fix.  Along with nicotine, booze, and whatever else.. Portlandia makes me happy and relaxed.  I wish there was more shit on television that wasn’t so vapid like all of E! network (although I, like most Americans, find the dumb shit addicting as well)… but shows like Portlandia remind me that […]


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